Kamis, 11 November 2010

words of love pearl

Words of Wisdom Love - Love that never runs out to talk about, who knows how many thousands or even millions of words spoken pearls of love for, contemplated, fantasied, but not necessarily be realized. I do not know, love is strange and can be expressed with words of love pearl in accordance with the circumstances. A collection of words of love pearl below may inspire you to express how in love with you on the him.
Love was not blind. Love is something that is pure, noble and necessary.That is when love is blind master yourself without a consideration.
Not the sea its name if the water was not choppy, not love his name if the feeling was never hurt,not love his name if his heart has never felt yearning and jealousy.
Love is not of words but of a piece of liver will be given on the need.The crying is also not a remedy against love because he does not understand the journey of conscience.
Pursue ideals before love, if the achievement of the ideals of self-love then it will be present.
Love will often flee when we are looking for, but love too often left out when he approached.
First love is the memories, the second Love is the lesson, and love that so is a single purposebecause life without love is like food without salt. Therefore, keep the love that was bestowedas well as possible so that he continues to blossom and scent throughout the season.
Disappointed love does not mean that the world has ended. Bright future based on pastwhich has been forgotten. You can not move well in your lifeuntil you forget about your failures and a sense of disappointment.
It takes only a minute to interpret someone, an hour to like someone anda day to love someone, but it takes a lifetime to forget someone.
Life without love sepeeti food without salt. Therefore, pursue love as you pursue the time and if you've got love it, keep it like you take care of yourself. Indeed love is the gift of God Almighty.
In a romance, but do not regret parting sesalilah meeting.Because without a meeting there will be no separation. Marry a man who is more loving ourselvesrather than the man we love ourselves. That's better than being married to people we love but do not menyintaius because it is easier to change yourself than to change the stance of establishment of others.
Love can be seen from the holy sacrifice of a person, not the gift alone.
Ibaratkalah losing love is like a diamond ring lost in the vast ocean that has no edges and should be forgotten.
Love is not always with a mate, but mate is always with love.
The word poet; Love is located in the heart, although hidden, but obvious vibration. He was able to affect the mind as well as controlling our actions so that we sometimes do the stupidest thing without us knowing it.
Love begins with a smile, grows with a hug and often ended in tears.

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